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Seller Services

The sale or merger process presents a variety of challenges and needs to be managed properly in order to ensure the best possible results, both financial and strategic. We are an acknowledged leader in representing business owners in the sale or merger of their companies. Our representation during the sale process is designed to assure a variety of benefits, including:

MEASURABLE VALUE Our role in locating the right strategic or financial partner is critical to maximizing value in a transaction and ensures identification of the partner with the best cultural fit.

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE Continuous contact with the buyers and sellers involved in recent transactions keeps us abreast of current market conditions and aware of the issues affecting valuation and transaction structure.

ACCESS TO BUYERS We maintain comprehensive knowledge of the most active acquirers and are in constant contact with the individuals who make decisions.

TRANSACTION EXPERIENCE Our experience enables us to negotiate the best possible transaction in terms of total price, payout features, and other terms.

SPEED AND EFFICIENCY Our experience in the Business Services and Technology Services sectors enables us to promptly identify the best buyers and effectively negotiate the optimal price and structure.

DISCRETION AND CONFIDENTIALITY By having us serve as intermediary, our clients are able to maintain anonymity until a potential acquirer has been thoroughly qualified.

Buyer Services

Today's business environment is one of constant change. In order to fuel continued growth and obtain a competitive edge, many companies choose to pursue acquisitions. At De Bellas & Co., we assist buyers in all phases of the acquisition process, including:

Formulating an acquisition strategy

Developing specific acquisition criteria

Identifying potential acquisition candidates

Contacting and screening candidates

Analyzing and modeling financial data

Structuring and negotiating terms

Facilitating an orderly and timely closing


As a recognized authority, we are often engaged to provide expert advisory services in a wide range of assignments, including growth and distressed situations.

VALUATION Our extensive knowledge of transactions in the Business Services and Technology Services sectors gives us the unique expertise to perform valuations in these sectors for any purpose, including:

Mergers & Acquisitions


Buy-Sell Agreements

Estate Planning

Stock Option Plans

CAPITAL FORMATION Our transaction experience in Business Services and Technology Services enables us to provide expert advice for businesses raising debt, equity or mezzanine capital. We maintain close contact with a variety of investors to be able to respond quickly to any engagement demand.

LITIGATION SUPPORT Valuation services and expert-witness testimony are often required to resolve business disputes. Our expertise is proven, and our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the Business Services and Technology Services sectors make our qualifications irrefutable.

STRATEGIC PLANNING As specialists in the Business Services and Technology Services sectors, we often serve our clients in an advisory role, meeting a variety of corporate finance needs and enhancing shareholder value. By gaining a clear understanding of our clients' personal and financial objectives, we define action plans that allow business owners to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

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