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De Bellas & Co. is  a leading investment banking firm providing merger and acquisition, and financial advisory services to the Human Capital, Human Resource Outsourcing and Information Technology Services and related sectors. Since 1983, De Bellas & Co. has specialized in serving enterprises whose primary value arises from intangible assets, or human capital. Since inception, De Bellas has closed over 230+ transactions spanning over all of the segments we service. Our focus is the middle market, where we provide advice and guidance based on years of experience with entrepreneurs confronting once-in-a-lifetime decisions.

Business Services

Business Service

Our exposure to companies and activities in Business Services gives us a thorough understanding of the current trends and market conditions in this sector. We focus on companies whose primary service offerings include:

  • 1. Staffing Services

  • 2. Outsourced Business Services

  • 3. Human Resource Outsourcing

As the demand for Business Process Outsourcing services has increased significantly, the HRO segment has grown considerably. Our firm focuses on HRO companies offering the following services:

  • 1. Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

  • 2. Human Resource Consulting

  • 3. Outplacement Services

Information Technology

Information Technology

A comprehensive understanding of developments in the Technology Services sector keeps De Bellas & Co. firmly positioned at the forefront of emerging trends and provides an in-depth perspective of the market. This insight into market dynamics enables us to effectively meet the needs of our clients. Our primary focus is on companies providing the following services:

  • 1. Information Technology Consulting/Solutions

  • 2. Outsourcing

  • 3. Staff Augmentation

Staffing Related

Staffing Related

De Bellas & Co. works with companies whose industries are undergoing strategic changes that may result in increased future earnings and valuations. Our objective is to find rapidly growing companies with a readily defensible market position and a strong base of both intellectual and human capital. Opportunities of particular interest would include:

  • 1. Emerging Growth Situations

  • 2. Consolidating Industries

  • 3. VMS/MSP

  • 3. PEO

  • 3. RPO

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